Roxie never confessed, but we have our suspicions.

This little girl grew into a gentle, 60-pound beauty. 

Little 8-pound Roxie was abandoned. Her first home was the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach, where they gave her lots of love.


Therapy Dog

of the Children's Recovery Center

The Children's Recovery Center

of Horry and Georgetown Counties

Roxie is a great listener. You can trust her to keep a secret.

Roxie with one of her favorite kids 

Rick Kaplan of Canine Angels Service Dogs trained Roxie to be obedient, patient, and focused on the needs of those around her.

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Our little tiger-striped girl weighed just 8 pounds when Jan Igoe, a friend of the CRC, found her at the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach. She had been dumped in the woods with all her brothers and sisters on a frigid January night. The shelter volunteers rescued them and took good care of her.

Jan brought her home to foster her and named  her Roxie. She was sweet, but had a lot to learn about the rules, such as not munching on sofa cushions and expensive electronics. She was particularly fond of computer cables. And blueberry coffee cake.

Roxie was turning into a great dog, but she was always hungry. The taller she grew, the more counters she could surf. Wherever there was food, she would find it. Roxie was a handful who needed around-the-clock companionship and supervision. Luckily, Rick Kaplan of Canine Angels Service Dogs began training her to fix a few  bad habits.

Meanwhile, Louise Carson and the CRC were looking for the perfect dog to greet families who came to the center. She contacted Rick, who knew Roxie was the right dog for the job. Louise and Roxie hit it off right away.

Roxie was hired as the CRC certified therapy dog. She loved her new job greeting children and helping anyone who was scared or sad. With her sensitive heart, Roxie can pick up on human emotions. She just knows who is hurting and makes sure she's there for petting. You can tell her anything in complete confidence. She can keep a secret. 

The counselors who work at the center all love her. Everyone makes sure she has fresh water and lots of exercise. Roxie gets her nails done, her teeth brushed, her ears cleaned, and has a warm bath when she needs freshening up. Roxie loves to go to work with Louise. She’s even been to court a few times.

We’re very happy to have Roxie on our staff. 

Meet Roxie

Resting up for tomorrow's kids at the CRC