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The Children's Recovery Center

of Horry and Georgetown Counties

The Children's Recovery Center is a multi-disciplinary child advocacy center that provides forensic interviews, forensic medical examinations and advocacy for child victims of alleged sexual assault, physical assault and other kinds of maltreatment.

Victims referred by Law Enforcement, DSS, or medical practitioners are scheduled by the Children's Advocate for assessment.  The Children's Advocate notifies all associated agencies of the scheduled time so they may be present to witness and provide insight during the forensic process.  An intake interview is conducted with the non-offending parent, guardian or caregiver.  The forensic interview of the child is conducted and witnessed by the involved agencies with the aid of a remote video camera.  The interview is recorded.  A forensic medical examination is performed using a colposcope and the findings are recorded.  Representatives from the appropriate agencies staff the case to determine appropriate referral services.  The Children's Advocate initiates the scheduling of mental health services when indicated.  Forensic reports are written and forwarded to the appropriate agencies and service providers involved.  Expert testimony is offered in court on behalf of the child victims.  The Children's Advocate assures the completion of each step by monitoring the process on an individual case basis, thus ensuring adequate communication between the caregiver and all agency representatives, and ensuring each child has a personal advocate.

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