F A C T :

Every year, more than


children become victims

of abuse or neglect

 in the U.S.

Children's Recovery Center       |    1801 Legion St |Myrtle Beach, SC 29577     |       843-448-3400

The Children's Recovery Center

of Horry and Georgetown Counties

Protect the children you love

Would you recognize a child in trouble? Do you know the warning signs of abuse?  In just two hours, you can learn to recognize child abuse, how to report it,  and help protect our children. 

We know that when adults are trained, they take the steps to protect children from sexual abuse. The 2-hour training is available at d21.org

During the award-winning Stewards of Children® program, you’ll meet survivors who lived through child sexual abuse, experienced its immediate and long-term effects, and ultimately were able to find healing. You’ll meet experts who work with children and families and confront abuse on a daily basis.  And you’ll find concrete steps that you can take to protect the children in your life.


Rescue Abused Children

We are working to create hope and opportunity for each child  we see,

as they move from

victim to survivor.  

But we can 't do it alone!

Please join us and support the CRC mission today. 

You can help a child in danger

Anyone who is concerned about a child can report supected abuse or neglect of the minor to the local police or social services.  If you know a child under 18 who is being abused or neglected -- or is at risk for abuse or neglect -- don't wait.  
Be a hero and report it.

In Horry County, South Carolina, these numbers are:
  • Horry County Police Department  - (843) 915-5350
  • Horry County Department of Social Services - (843) 915-4780
  • Horry County Police Department - (843) 444-7520

In Georgetown County, South Carolina, these numbers are: 
  • Georgetown County Department of Social Services - (843) 546-5134
  • Georgetown County Sherriff's Office - (843) 546-5102

In any emergency,  please call 911 immediately.  You might  save a child's life.